Hashku makes it easy to manage the entire NFT experience all the way from art generation through mint.

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There's a lot that can go wrong... We make sure it doesn't.

A few things we look for...
A few things we look for...

Inefficient solidity contracts can cost their creators a ton of money. The defaults aren't optimized for affordability.

There’s a hidden cost that nobody talks about when dev teams fail to optimize their code (it can cost creators tens of thousands of dollars).

We’ve optimized our solidity/blockchain core contracts to make them as efficient and low cost (for everyone) as possible.

How teams handle allowlists for hyped mints (or don't) can erode longterm value and overall community trust.

Adidas, Hapebeast, Mekaverse and even a well-capitalized NFT-native project like Cool Pets all struggled with their mints. Unfortunately, these problems are the norm, not the exception.

Our proprietary mint window staging system gives teams the control they need to manage the insane demands of a super-hyped drop.

Quality Assurance (QA) is something everyone underestimates — we learned this the hard way so we can save you a ton of time.

The inherent complexity of large, generative profile picture projects makes them very susceptible to a ton of potential issues. Ask us to show our 30-page QA document sometime...

We’ve built a real-time, quick preview tool for randomized 2D art collections (from layers) that creative teams use prior to generating their final outputs.

Rare NFTs get sniped pre-reveal when your team lacks a metadata protection strategy.

NFT collectors are a smart and technically-savvy bunch, particularly the degenerate ones. We’ve sniped unrevealed rares ourselves -- we get it... if you can, you do. If you can’t, you won’t.

Creators easily control the art reveal process and ensure metadata is inaccessible until they decide it can be public.

Scams, spam, fake collections, bad actors, DDoS attacks and Discord bots to name a few. NFTs = The Wild West.

People are people - sometimes they're up to no good. The last thing creators want is for malicious behavior to impact the community experience they've worked so hard to build.

We've built Hashku to be secure and scaleable in ways that less experienced developers won't consider - this means a superior mint experience.


Hashku was an invaluable asset in bringing our project to life. Their art generation tools allowed us freedom and customizability when generating our art, their minting tools made for a seamless presale and minting experience, and on top of all that they’re friendly, wonderful people!

– Possum, Founder (Mystic Wizards NFT)

For Creators

You do the art/marketing, our widget does the tech...

Creative teams trust us to help them create amazing brand experiences.


Hashku makes smoother NFT drops:

Art Generation Tools

Our real time preview tool for layer combining saves hours of time

Catch layer alignment/overlap issues, control attribute/metadata rarities, and generate 2D NFTs on the fly with our preview tools. We built it for creators to have as much control as possible of super complex projects.

Asset Handoff

Reveal timing and secondary sniping is avoidable with experience

Most teams are so focused on their collection art that they don't always consider post-mint logistics. A post-mint, secondary market benefits from experience and intentionality around protecting metadata from savvy snipers.

Notifications (Email)

Email alerts are a super effective sales tool for NFTs

Many NFT collectors are in dozens of Discords trying to keep tabs on the many different creators and upcoming drops. Our email and SMS alerts help ensure that those collectors get a timely reminder so they never miss a mint again.

Smart(er) Contracts

Gas doesn’t just impact collectors - it’s a headache for creators

Our library of optimized contracts saves creators thousands of dollars - we customize our highly efficient ERC720, 721A, and 1155 contracts in a way that helps creators save money and get exactly what they need.


Presale signups and allowlist community management for hyped drops

Community signup management, Discord integrations and the granular ability to manage minting windows by role type help especially hyped drops have the toolkit they need in order to ensure an optimal collector experience.

Mint Widget Embed

Deploy our minting widget on your site with a single line of code

Your site is perfect, but you need a scaleable and secure way to take crypto payments. Our years of leading teams at major e-commerce brands like Zappos, 1-800 Contacts and others informs our approach to best practices and a smooth purchase experience.

Case Study

Society of the Hourglass

From inception to delivery (and beyond) Hashku partnered with the SotH team to build a custom generative art tool, a minting pipeline and even a Web3 token-gated poker game for NFT holders.

For Collectors

The collector experience is better with HASHKU.

You can do this. We can help.

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