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We help brands meet digitally native consumers where they are

Hashku leverages emerging tech and media platforms to drive attention, engagement and commerce at the intersection of gaming and the creator economy.

Gaming & Esports

Creator Collabs

Digital Collectibles


Our Solutions

Hashku enables next generation brand engagement and commerce activations by leveraging emerging tech and media.

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Seamless gaming integrations, immersive custom builds, and electrifying eSports tournaments. Power up your brand's presence in the gaming universe.

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Connect authentically with the digitally native generation through creator collaborations: We bring talent to co-develop custom content, exclusive items, and immersive experiences that forge deep connections with your audience.

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Elevate fan engagement with branded digital collectibles: Foster a dedicated community by providing your most loyal fans with a customized ecosystem to engage, earn rewards, and access exclusive brand content.

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Sign-in to your wallet by leveraging your email or phone number, no complexity involved.

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Branded Smart Wallets

Hashku provides smart wallets to engage and reward your customers by leveraging digital goods in a branded ecosystem.

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Distribute digital collectibles for free by having consumers scan a QR code or enter a unique code to claim.

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Token-Gated Content

Owners of specific digital collectibles can unlock access to token-gated content.

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Deliver messages to the owners of your collections in order to engage active participants, share new news, exclusive offers, challenges, and more.

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Challenges, Points, & Rewards

Incentivize and reward sharing of zero-party data by leveraging challenges that allow participants to earn points and claim rewards.

Engagement & Rewards Platform:

A product designed to drive user attention, engagement and commerce by leveraging branded smart wallets that recognize and reward your most loyal fans.

Encourage users to engage with your brand and reward them with digital collectibles that could give them access to people, places or things. Owners of your digital collectibles can also get access to exclusive content and be the first to know about your latest news.


409 SW A St., Bentonville, AR 72712

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